Here's what's going on with GREED ENGINE!

Oct., 2003 Greed Engine is out of gas.  So, is this the beginning of the end, or the end of the beginning?  Only time will tell.  But Greed Engine would like to thank all of our supporters for years of fun.  Many thanks for showing up, clapping, cheering, jumping, dancing, flashing, buying us drinks, buying our CD's and T-shirts, wearing our gear, etc.  Look for Geoff and Johnny's new project Spot Lucy, coming soon...
Jan., 2003 "And you may ask yourself - What is that beautiful house?  And you may ask yourself - Where does that highway go?  And you may ask yourself - Am I right?...Am I wrong?  And you may tell yourself my god!...what have I done?"

"Same as it ever was..."

--Talking Heads

May, 2002 Greed Engine is no longer a power trio.  At last week's Action Movie Soundtrack CD Release Party at State Theatre (St. Petersburg, FL), Greed Engine debuted a second guitarist, Vic Butler!
Apr., 2002 After a lengthy hiatus, which included a second addition to the Ford family, Greed Engine is back with a new lineup!  Bryce Munger has been named Greed Engine drummer of the year!!!  GE recently performed 2 shows - one at Boomerz, and one in Ybor City on the Star95 stage during Festa Italiana!  Check our events page for upcoming Greed Engine appearances!
Apr., 2001 Well - it's that time of year again...98Rock's LIVESTOCK will once again feature an appearance by Greed Engine!  The 2 day event will be held in a big, wide-open, dirt-rockin' field in Zephyrhills, FL, and will host over 20 bands including The Offspring, The Black Crowes, Linkin Park, Staind, and 3 Doors Down.
Jan., 2001 Greed Engine recently performed at a Gasparilla/Super Bowl Party in downtown Tampa, FL.  The 2 day event which featured Vertical Horizon was sponsored by Star95.7FM and was much more fun than the Playboy Party!
Aug., 2000 Greed Engine headed back into the studio after more than a year to begin recording a two song demo.  The demo will be used to bring super-stardom to the Tampa based trio.  Look for the mp3 version coming soon!
Jun., 2000 Greedfest 2000 was a huge success this year!  Naturally, Greed Engine performed, but this year they were joined by Tampa Bay's very own Mr. Bella!  Everyone seemed to enjoy the event - except for the pig.  He just didn't see it coming...
Apr., 2000 Greed Engine recently performed at 98Rock's Livestock 2000 (just three days after the birth of Geoff's daughter).  Headliners of the two day event included Creed, Foo Fighters, Lit and 3 Doors Down.  The event was full of all the nonsense ordinarily associated with outdoor weekend rock concerts.  No one in the band was permanently injured, although bassist Johnny Ott still has some recurring nightmares.
Feb., 2000 Greed Engine opened for up and coming national act Three Doors Down (Universal Records) Feb. 9th for what appeared to be the largest crowd State Theatre has seen in recent memory.  Other big shows are on the horizon...