The first pieces of GREED ENGINE were assembled in 1994 when GEOFF FORD and bassist JOHNNY OTT first donned their axes and started a band in the center of the rock 'n roll universe, Columbus, OH. GEOFF and JOHNNY, feeling out the power trio vibe, turned over drummer after drummer with limited success. After miles of bumpy roads and false starts, GREED ENGINE was able to reach a new destination in sunny Tampa, Florida with the help of drummer MATT GARDENGEOFF, JOHNNY, and MATT have been working feverishly to hone the sonic blade that will sever the ties between this band and the ordinary world.

Now, at last, GREED ENGINE has launched its newest assault on the musical world. Using its powers for good and not for evil, it is GREED ENGINE's destiny to rid the world of its stupidkind. Oh no, they were never abducted by aliens, but that doesn't mean they have any less sense of purpose or direction. Fueled by high octane music that is one part Live, one part Social D, and three parts ugly, GREED ENGINE is much more than a name. It's a statement. It's a mission. It's the churning and gnawing force that drives a new kind of music.

Greed is the engine that never runs out of gas*. GREED ENGINE is the band that speaks its mind with three chords and the truth.

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* Note: Greed Engine is out of gas. However, Geoff and Johnny have a new band, SPoTLuCy.